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I'm Marwa, a

I graduated Finance and Data Intelligence, with Great Honours from Concordia University, a top-world business school in Canada. I'm a techie, I love to code websites and build machine learning apps. I'm currently looking for a job in machine learning development, but I'm also available to do freelancing work.

Birthdate: 01 January 1998


Phone: (+1)-514-347-6165

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, Data Intelligence


Linkedin: marwa-ahmed98

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As a fintech enthusiast, I'm interested in the intersection between technology, UX and Artificial Intelligence. My skills are built around web development, machine learning and finance. To me, every day is a new day of learning, and I'm constantly evolving and upgrading my skills.

My skills were originally built around university, where I learnt how to learn.The majority of my skills were acquired from online learning, and I had incredible support from online communities and tech conferences.

  • Web Developement

  • Machine Learning

  • Cloud Services & Production

  • Data Analytics

  • Financial Modelling & Research

  • What I Do


    Web Design

    I'm a professional web designer. I learn by doing, and I have decent experience in designing Responsive websites using CC3, HTML5 and JS. I have multiple #100DaysofCode projects on Github using GASP and other JS libaries.

    Machine Learning

    I'm a machine learning engineer, I'm pretty well-positioned to execute the entire workflow from data ingestion to productionalization of models. I've built a machine learning web crawler in Python to ingest data from external sources, I have decent experience working in Pyspark for parallelized data processing and model training. I deliever end to end machine learning solutions using CART models and deep learning models in Keras and Tensorflow .

    Data Analytics

    I have a SAS certificate in Business Analytics using SAS EM, SAS EG and SAS base. I've worked extensively with Tableau for data visualization. I've also used pandas, numpy, seaborn and matplotlib in python. For data ingestion, I've set up a project previous where I used Apache Airflow for scheduling data ingestion and transfer from and into an SQL database for further processing.

    Machine Learning Web Development

    The part of coding that I love the most is being able to build apps to automate certain tasks in my daily life. My dream job is to become a technology consultant which is a very client-facing job, and communication in it must be extremely positive and well-curated. So I decided to built a sentiment analysis application in python that I'm using almost daily to guage the tone and professionalism of my communication with clients. I'm currently working on building a python automation app to directly ingest my Amazon purchases into an excel file so I can plan and control my finances better.

    Financial Research

    I'm an experienced trader in stock, forex and cryptos markets. Initially I used technicals for swing trading, but then I switched focus to using machine learning to rather assist than predict the future direction of the market. I'm certified by Bloomberg in Financial Research and I had set up my own web crawler for stock trading news in Python. During my graduation thesis, I've gained a lot of experience in financial databases such as Bloomberg, SNL and WRDS.

    Data Modelling

    Using data is key to the skill set I've acquired so I began learning about data modelling recently. I'm currently enrolled in the MongoDB developer track and I've two certificates in dat modelling for both SQL and NOSQL databases.As part of the Udacity Machine Learning program I'm taking, one of my projects was about productionalizing a web application for sentiment analysis. I was very interested to know how to persist the data in a databases for future processing, simulating a rather real-life business operation. I've taken the database I built to perform some data analytics on it and answer some key business questions.


    Creative Works


    Latest Projects

    in Backend Development

    React & Chart JS

    I'm working on building a react application that gives live updates of coronavirus cases and plot interactive visualizations using Chart JS.Click here to view project on github.

    in Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning

    I completed version 1.0.0 of a fintech loan application web app that is deployed currently on Heroku. Click here to try it.

    in Learning


    I'm working on building my blog website in django for the backend, and Bootstrap for the frontend. Stay tuned!